• A1 - A2
  • A1 expats
  • Exam preparation – ONA and KNM
  • A2 expats
  • Test Category
  • 1. Elevatorpitch en uitleg geven

  • Herhalingsmodule A1-A2

  • Module 1 - Voorstellen

    In this module you will learn to introduce yourself and how to invite someone. At the end of this module you will be able to tell about your family and to describe people. In grammar, you will learn to conjugate the most important verbs. You will also learn how to construct simple sentences in Dutch by placing the words in the correct order.
  • Module 1: Nederland

    Het thema van deze module is Nederlandse gewoontes. Belangrijke onderwerpen zoals de verleden en de voltooide tijd komen in deze module aan bod.
  • 2. Informatie verzamelen en voorlichting geven

  • Module 1 - Thuiskomen

  • Module 2 - Wonen, eten en drinken

    In this module you will learn how to describe a house. You will learn how to make appointments using the names of the days of the week and the times. At the end of the module, you will be able to tell what you like to eat and drink and describe what you enjoy doing in your spare time. In grammar, you will learn how to use prepositions, ordinal numbers and conjunctions.
  • Module 2 kinderen en gezondheid

    De thema's van deze module zijn kinderen en gezondheid. De woordvolgorde in de bijzin en de voegwoorden die je in bijzinnen kunt gebruiken worden uitgebreid behandeld.
  • 3. Verkoopgesprek voeren en een bod uitbrengen

  • Module 2 - Vrije tijd

  • Module 3 - werken en reizen

    This module is about occupations and work, traffic and travel, illness and doctor visits. You will learn how to talk about your profession and your work. You will learn how to ask for directions and show others the way. You will also learn how you can tell someone that you do not understand something and how you can warn people about danger. At the end of the module, you also be able to have a conversation with a doctor or a dentist in case you are ill. In grammar, you will learn how to form questions and how to set sentences in the present perfect tense.
  • Module 3 hobby en werk

    Module 3 gaat over hobby's en werk. Im deze module komen alle soorten voornaamwoorden aan bod. Alle grammaticale onderwerpen worden herhaald.
  • Module: My first 400 words

    In this module, you will learn 400 words on all sorts of themes such as 'introduce yourself', 'food and drink', 'verbs', 'numbers', and 'nature'.
  • 4. Examentraining

  • Kennis Nederlandse Samenleving

    In this module you will learn general information about the Netherlands. This knowledge is tested against the integration exam abroad. Topics: geography, transport, housing, history, state planning, politics, constitution, education, education, health work and income.
  • Module 1: Introducing oneself and grocery shopping

    You will learn how to introduce yourself and shop for groceries in Dutch. In grammar, you will how to conjugate verbs.
  • Module 3 - Feesten

  • 5. Interview afnemen en een verzoek doen

  • Module 2: Transports and living

    You will learn how to travel by car, train or taxi and how to ask for directions. Furthermore, you will learn how people live in the Netherlands.
  • Module 4 - Wonen

  • 6. Monoloog en toespraak houden

  • Module 3: The Netherlands and money

    You will learn more about Dutch customs and Dutch people. You will also learn everything about money.
  • Module 5 - Gezondheid

  • 7. Debatteren

  • Module 4: Children and health

    You will learn words related to having children. You will also learn words to use when dealing with medical practitioners.
  • Module 6 - Beroepen

  • 8. Examentraining

  • Module 5: Administrations and job searching

    You will learn how government agencies work in the Netherlands. You will learn where to go and what to do if you are looking for a job.
  • Module 7 - Werk

  • 9. Slechtnieuwsgesprek voeren

  • Module 6: Work and education

    You will learn about working in the Netherlands and you will receive information about education and courses. There is no new grammar lesson in this module.
  • Module 8 - Vakantie

  • 10. Solliciteren

  • Module 9 - Diana\'s ecoboetiek

  • 11. Herhaling

  • Module 10 - Schatten

  • 12. Examentraining

  • Module 11 - Wat is er met Jay?

  • Module 12 - Verhalen