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Do I need to learn Dutch when studying in The Netherlands?

Many Dutch universities teach degree courses in English and therefore you may not need to learn Dutch. However, if you hold a valid foreign diploma and/or wish to take a degree programme taught in Dutch, you must demonstrate that you have a sufficient command of the Dutch language, regardless of your nationality.

As proof your Dutch language proficiency, you can present the diploma awarded for passing the state examination in Dutch as a Second language (NT2-II). You must have passed all four components of the NT2-II course.

What benefits could you reap from learning the Dutch language?

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  • You will have access to a degree course that is offered only in Dutch
  • You will not only learn a new language but also the new set of cultural skills that come with it
  • You will be able to pursue a career in the Netherlands after you graduate and access the upbeat Dutch job market
  • You will be able to apply for the Dutch citizenship

How can you learn Dutch with Dutch Studies?

With Dutch Studies, you may start learning Dutch right away, in your own home. Aspiring students will find in our system the best solution to study Dutch up to the NT2-Programme II level (also known as NT2-B2) while they are still in their home countries.

Our online educational system is to the point, interactive and user-friendly. We can get you started very quickly with the basics of the Dutch language such as sounds, numbers and simple sentences. Gradually, we will take you on a journey through practical themes (introducing yourself, shopping, at the doctor’s, housing, celebrations, etc) and expand your vocabulary as well as your abilities to form sentences and ask questions thanks to intensive grammar exercises. Our modules cover the NT2-Programme I and NT2-Programme II levels. The NT2-Programme II is meant for people who want to work in middle and higher level jobs or want to study in Dutch higher education institutions (e.g. at a Dutch hogeschool HBO or university WO).

How do we monitor your progress?

You will be going through a large variety of hands-on exercises. Based on your answers, our educational system will adapt the upcoming content to suit your pace. You will have learning milestones that will be carefully overseen to ensure the integrity of your vocabulary, syntax, grammar and conjugation.

Your will be also assigned a personal tutor who will oversee your progress in the writing, reading and speaking areas.

What do we offer you?

Dutch Studies offers you online, interactive Dutch courses. Here is what our system has to offer:

  • You can access our online education system anytime, anywhere. All you will need is a laptop.
  • You can follow the interactive lessons live and communicate with your teachers. Our system is user-friendly and intuitive.
  • You will be fully supervised by qualified NT2 teachers.
  • Your personal supervisor monitors your progression in the learning process thanks to our digital learning environment.
  • You decide and adjust your own study pace within the duration of a course/module.
  • Our teachers are all nationally-certified. They love their job and are thoroughly experienced.

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